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The Alice Bertschy Kadish Memorial Weaving Center

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About Us

In 1912 the Division of Municipal Recreation and Adult Education of the Milwaukee Public Schools was formed as a result of a law passed by the Wisconsin Legislature which permitted school boards to use school facilities for adult evening classes, vocational schools, reading rooms, clubs, and accommodations to meet the needs of the entire community. Milwaukee then became knows as the "City of the Lighted Schoolhouse," thus establishing community-based education.


Get Involved

Anyone who takes classes at ABK is invited to get involved. This Center thrives because of the many volunteers who have taken positions on our Board of Directors, helped the children of Gaenslen by teaching them to weave, worked in our display windows, cleaned, taken inventory of equipment and supplies, etc.

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Weaving classes are available for beginners and intermediate weavers who wish to enhance their skills.

Beginning Classes:teach the basics of weaving, from warping the loom to weaving a sampler of different weave structures.


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